GM Egypt History

Year Event
Establishment of General Motors Egypt
The opening of the plant
The production of the first vehicle
The Opening of the plant by his excellency President Mohammed Hosny Mubarak

The beginning of the local production of the chasis of the pick up truck Addition of the production line for the mini bus

The launch of the Opel Vectra
The launch of imported Opel Corsa
The production of the 100,000th Vehicle
General Motors Egypt wins first place over global Opel manufacturing plants for assembled vehicle quality
Achieving an ultimate production quota of 24,225 vehicles
The beginning of the production of Chevrolet Frontera and Isuzu Rodeo
Actual sales exceed business plan by 9%
The quality of the Opel vehicles increased by 22.5% compared to 1997 keeping Opel Vectra the best assembled vehicle for 72 months
Achieved two bronze medals for promotional campaigns through the American University Annual Advertising Competition
General Motors Egypt receives ISO 9002 for quality assurance
The launch of imported Opel Astra
The production of the 200,000th vehicle
General Motors Egypt receives ISO 14001 for ensuring a healthy and safe work environment
General Motors Egypt and Mansour Automotive Company executed a long-term agreement establishing a single distributor relationship for the sales and service of GME products in Egypt
The beginning of the production of the Opel Astra and Opel Corsa
Launch of the Chevrolet Aveo and Optra as imports
Launch of the new Chevrolet medium pickup CKD (Dabbabah)
General Motors Corporation has had a long history in Egypt. GM established a wholly owned subsidiary in Alexandria, Egypt in 1927 through 1958 with an assembly plant, parts warehouse and a sales organization that served a large export territory in the Middle East in addition to the Egyptian domestic market. This Company was liquidated in 1958 due to the market slow down

Over the past 30 years, General Motors has conducted business in Egypt through franchised dealers, who invested millions of pounds in facilities. These dealers were assisted by GM personnel who frequently traveled to Egypt to ensure that the GM standard of excellence was maintained in sales, service and parts

In addition, GM non-vehicle business has been very significant in Egypt. Since 1955, GM has obtained almost all of Egypt's locomotive business, averaging 40 units annually. Egypt has been one of the biggest overseas markets for Detroit diesel engines, which drive tugboats in the Suez Canal, trucks on Egyptian highways and power plants in outlaying communities. General Motors continuously conducts studies on the possibilities of establishing new businesses in countries that are interested in an industrial program. Egypt has ranked high in these studies with nearly 70 million people, the existence of a supplier industry and an expanding economy. In addition to the measures taken by the Egyptian government to attract foreign investments, several positive measures were implemented to assist the auto industry. Among these are favorable import regulations covering units and a preferential customs tariff